Please give all of these new hats a use besides being strictly cosmetic.

Ever since the Wolf Headdress, I’ve been disappointed with all added headpieces except for the Riot Helmet.

All these hats are so fucking cool visually but I feel like it’s a waste or I’m at a disadvantage to making them if they take *more *resources than the standard Burlap/Bucket/Coffee Head while giving *no *protection at all.

Now with Balaclavas / These cool hunting hats, I really think it’s time to actually add some protection to them or severely reduce their cost if their going to remain for looks only.

Rust updates on twitter had a post that sounded like it was being worked on.

I wish they would add garbage can lid shields or something.

How do you propose this would be useful if there’s no dual wielding?

What do you mean?

Right now you could only hold a shield or only a pistol.
He means it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense if you can’t carry both at the same time.

Aha. Yes, there would have to be a way to use both hands.

They have animation for 2 handed swords, so there would have to be something for shield and weapon if they could do it.

And why u think its impossible to implement dual wielding? I would say that adding shield can be great way to buff melee weapons - cause now they are a bit shitty, no big diffrence beetwen weapons and tools. I would suggest that dual wielding should be avaible only with 1h melee weapons. 2h weapons also should get some kind of buff (bonus speed after sprinting a while?/causing alot more bleeding/ablity to knockout opponent).

@General J - 100% agree, these cool looking stuf shouldn’t be just cosmetics. They are way too cool to be totally useless.

added protection properties to new hats - @helkus (/main)