Please give me my key or a refund.

It’s been nearly or more than a month since I bought my key, and I’ve yet to even fucking get it. Please either give me my key, which I payed for, or a refund so I can spend my money on something more worthwhile.

Did you try to get Steam key?

It’s free if you’re an original supporter guys!

This guy must have amazing patience he waited a month before even posting here that he had no key? I would have been on here within hours of not getting a key!

Ignore this if you already read it, I clearly cannot read. since you said please, go to

To get the new Steam key… Biotch…Give it a try!

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You’re mad for no reason…

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I just want to help guys/gals!!! :slight_smile:

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Rust is awesome FYI!!! :smiley:

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No prob. I always said
please! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Man I want to help you guy. Sen an email to ragerx at gmail dot com and I’ll get you fixd up for d=free!!!