Please give us SA servers

Please we need South American servers, I spent $20 on this game and I can barely play it with 200 ms
Please stop ignoring us and give us an answer

I’ve seen some servers in brazil, might be you are just missing them during down times.

They say Brasil but they are hosted in the US

no one plays in south america therefore there not worth spending money on sorry

Please tell me how do you know that no one plays in SA…

its an alpha ffs how many servers do you expect they can afford to run ffs.

you knew when you bought it it was an alpha dont act like you got ripped off when you made the choice knowing full well it was an alpha

I know it’s an alpha but they can easily set up 3 - 5 SA servers, it’s not a big deal

It is a big deal, lol. That money could be spent on UK servers which are all three constantly filled at peak hours. Why don’t you play on community servers?

We have NO COMMUNITY SERVERS, 200 ms is the lowest ping I get. Im saying they should allow a hosting company here to host rust servers

And… there goes my thread… Ignored

They do. The hosting company has to contact FacePunch to get the code and stuff. Nothing’s stopping Brazil’s official server hosts from hosting.

Garry doesn’t always read the forums, so just send him an email at