Please give us the option to change our sex.

Hi Guys,

I don’t post on these forums often, and haven’t done for a while, so I’m sure this has already been talked about.

I’de really like the option to be given where we can change our sex. We cant change our appearance, that’s fine by me, even though I’m white in the game (I’m black in real life).

Even in real life these days your are given the option to change your sex!. So why not in game?. Right now, it just feels kinda…wrong.


There’s already been a category 10 shitstorm over this. Several in fact. So to answer your question;

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

May I ask why this is?.

I think garry wants it to be completely random for the sake of your char being unique.

A combination of wanting to make a political statement, making sure there aren’t too many white people/male people avatars running round (seriously, the Garry said it was because he didn’t want to see too many white people) and not being arsed to program a char creator.

Hmm, I personally think you hit the nail on the head with the last part there. As for wanting to make a “politcal statement” is concerend, is a computor game the best place to do it?. I dunno, maybe.

Surely you would make an avatar in your likeness the vast majority of the time?. I know I do anyway. So if there are too many white males running around, I’m sure that must just mean that there are mostly white males playing the game?. I would assume anyway, and I dont understand why that would be seen as a bad thing.

A character creator is always a very popular edition to a game. And the deeper the better. Its essential in MMO’s. Not that I am suggesting that Rust is an MMO. But in a way, it kinda is.

Which is why I think your final point makes the most sense.

Are you saying that you think that the most likely reason is because Facepunch can’t be bothered to program a character creator? And yet they can be bothered to completely re-write the game from the ground up, program weather conditions, re-write the building mechanism when they weren’t happy with their first implementation?

The only reason you can’t change sex is because that is the way Gary decided it should be. If they wanted a character creator they would have one by next update.

Well, who knows. I’m sure they prioritize things more than others. If enough people would like a character creator a little down the line, I’m sure it would be worth implementing, even if its just to keep your player base happy.

I like how you cant select who you are just like in real life. I would also hate to see big racked white women or long dick white men around. This keeps the game much more unique and colorful. Hell my characters dick is really small but you wont see me complaining about it.

Ha, well I dont suggest they introduce control over your genitals!.

Characters arent unique anyways…theres only like 3 different faces…3 skin colors…ive seen plenty of people that look the exact same as each other

If there was a character creator everybody would make porn stars and everybody would be more or less the same, except the occasional clown who made his character as ugly as possible.

I prefer it randomized, when more features will be added to characters everybody will look different.

Devblog 69, two weeks ago

Devblog 51

Expect to wake up as someone new after updates, too, as any changes to the character customization system will re-randomize everyone’s results.

I’m sure server mods will fill in the gap, if you really can’t stand not having a choice.

There should be a option to change your skin color im tired of going on servers and hear people say come here you n***** this happens every time i play. its getting old as im stuck as a black person. It kind of sucks too when the main server i spend most of my time turns out that im the only black dude running around. This kind of promotes racism.

This absolutely does not ‘promote’ racism.

Rust added skintone diversity. Rust did not add racism. Racism existed in the players before the update. It’s simply that, until then, everyone was a bald white guy clone so there was nothing for them to complain about.

Rust didn’t make those people racist, it just gave them an opportunity to show you they’re horrible people. Cave their heads in with your rock, get the admin to intervene and ban them if they won’t stop acting like racist shits, and leave for a better server if necessary.

Dude i have over 2400 hours in rust. And now that everyone is forced to play experimental admins are only active during updates ive yet to see an admin on a official server. Beside you can still talk when your dead. os this really fixes nothing.

Nobody is forced to play the new version of Rust, you fool.

And, hey, surprise, official servers are unmonitored except when devs hop on to investigate reports tweeted to @Rusthackreport. Play on community servers if you want admin actually intervening with any regularity.

How does this have anything to do with what he posted? All he asked was to be able to change the GENDER. He clearly said he doesn’t care about the actual appearance of his character, just the GENDER.
Everything you said is invalid, choosing genders would not “Make him see to many white people” and a character creator? Cause they would tots need to make a full character creation screen just to allow you to change your gender? lol no.
I honestly don’t care about the whole gender/appearance being random, but everything you said has nothing to do with what murphymcbean posted.

I agree we should have the option. The only thing having no option does is make the game worse.

It is kind of like the marriage rights in the US. Meaning if you are married to the same sex, you can get basic rights like health insurance as a spouse or the right to visit a very sick partner.

People who aren’t affected at all love to oppose it. Having choice of sex in Rust does not hurt the people against it, but it helps people who want to be able to change their sex.

I am fine with the idea we can’t pick our race, but I think Rust is worse for lot of people if we can’t pick our sex.

Demonstrate why it’s worse. I would argue that character customization is a waste of time for players as well as developers in a game like rust.