Please Help !! 3rd Person world model !!


I made swep finished the coding and stuff, tested it on my gmod 10, looked at myself in a camera, EPIC FAIL !!. I got a crotch-cannon :open_mouth:

Please can somebody show me how to make the 3rd person world model work !!

Thanks People !! :smiley:

This kind of things happens when the world model you’re using does not use the right bones, or doesn’t have any at all.

You have 2 options :

  • Find another model that works properly.
  • Simulate the world model trough lua.

edit : Also this is not a release!! You should’ve posted that in the help section.

Thank you soo much for your reply !! I have been waiting for someone to answer :slight_smile:

do you think you could show me how to simulate the world model through lua, please :smiley:

WOW you got no idea how exicted I am about this !!

Just incase my message didn’t get to you…

There was nothing in my “Sent Items” so I didn’t know if the message got through.

Also, terribly sorry for putting in another plug for my thread. But, if this helps (no harm done) then suppose it’s okay (Lol, I feel a bit stupid now).

Cut’em a break. The man’s desprate.

Isn’t this a release forum?,

Belongs here