[PLEASE HELP] Accidentaly uninstalled EasyAntiCheat!

I accidentaly uninstalled EAC and, no matter how many times i redownload it on steam, it wont come back! When i join servers it says i cant join because of the missing EAC. Please help, i wanna play Rust!

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

lol ok, sorry. Flashback to my tech support days.

Try validating Rust game files in Steam. Short of that, I would suggest perhaps uninstalling Rust and reinstalling it again to see if that helps.

“Accidentally” uninstalled EAC? It’s hardly something you do by accident (will these cheats think before they get banned, probably not) and you actually have to find it first!

If you happen to be running Vista your also “SOL” as that’s still an on-going issue.

If you reinstall Rust it should put EAC back in as part of the install process.

Reinstall it from the Rust folder. Should be there, I think. You can find that folder by checking local-files of Rust from your Steam library. If that doesn’t work, just go download it. No biggie.

But yeah, doubt this was an accident. See you in a few weeks, talking about the cheats your brother downloaded.

Try running Steam as admin to install EAC.

Well it wasnt “accidentally” really, i was getting some disconnects from servers, and i heard you should uninstall and instsall EAC. I uninstalled it, but i just didnt know how to install it again.


Verify the game local cache in Steam. This will make Steam re-install EAC as well.

If this doesn’t help, run Steam\SteamApps\common\Rust\EasyAntiCheat\EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe as Admin and install for Rust.

… or try not cheating? maybe? …

I tried verifying the game cache and it worked. Now i just sometimes get kick out of the game saying Disconnected: Disconnected. But to hell with that, im playing, thanks!