Please help before I smash my keyboard - Map differs from server

There is an odd problem with our map, we can compile it fine and can run it on a server fine but if anybody else joins it will tell them “Map Differs from server” even though it’s the EXACT same map file, so the only person that can get in the map is the host of the server or in singleplayer, whether it’s through fast download or an uploaded zip, rar. The weird thing is if there’s a leak in the map then it will work fine but as soon as the leaks fixed it will do the exact same thing.

This is driving us absolutely crazy!

Sounds like people joining aren’t manually deleting the old map out of their maps folder.

Yeah they are because it’s even me that gets the problem

Rename your file, Ie; add a ‘_v2’ at the end or whatever you please, and re-upload it to the server. Everyone will re-download the new file and there will be no issues, I promise you.

Just an update, it’s something to do with buttons or inputs and outputs, as soon as another button is added then boom “Map differs from server”

You should rename your map if you do anything to it, and if it has been released.

Yea, because your changing the map…

Don’t know why I got dumb rated for this, it’s a genuine problem, you can ensure the file is EXACTLY the same and yet it will gives you the error, yet if you remove buttons and copy it again over to fast download then it will work. This is nothing to do with renaming the map or anything like that.


Can’t wait 'till he comes back and whines again, ignoring what everyone said.

and you don’t think I tried that? We tried everything but i’ve given up on it and started development of a new map

No…we don’t think you have tried it. That is why people have told you to try it.

If expert mappers are telling you to try something to fix the problem, it’d be smart to try it.

I’ve never laughed this much at a single persons stupidity…

I missed this thread.

Is it really that hard to open up the vmf. in hammer, rename it and upload it to the server?