Please help D:

This is my third thread with me needing help but no help

I now have 2 problems

none of my wire screens work
they are just blank
i can see them but they are just a blank screen
and i get errors in the console
“[entities\gmod_wire_screen\cl_init.lua:21] attempt to index field ‘GPU’ (a nil value)”

Second problem
I can veiw any holograms
its just errors

Things ive done to try to fix it:
Reinstall steam:3 times
Re-Svn wiremod: 2 times
updated wire mod:5 times

the thing is it use to work but ever sense my gmod updated and those “fake” servers apeared now i cant veiw screens or holo’s

I would really like some help so if you can please temm me every thing you know