Please Help Garry's Mod Dedicated Server Error, "Please Update and restart" Using Hldsupdate tool

I have tried every command, I’ve tried redownloading it to a different directory, I’ve tried the “Verify_all” and the “autoupdate” I have tried everything that I could find out here. Its not like I’m just asking here because I’m too lazy to go look myself, I looked everywhere. I also saw something about using SteamCMD, I downloaded it and when I ran the program it opens for a second and immediately closes. I just want a straight freaking answer please!

Thank you,

You’re supposed to use the new SteamPipe method, since Garry’s Mod switched in the last update.

You can read more about it here.

When I try to “login anonymous” it asks me for a password, So I just logged in with my own steam account and it worked just fine. I just wana know if I downloaded the wrong files and if so how do I fix the “4020” and if I’m doing this correct how do I start my server?

Alright I fixed my steamcmd and I downloaded the garry’s mod files. For some reason I don’t have a SRCDS.exe I used the command “app_update 4000 validate” for some reason “app_update 4020 validate”
Just gives me "Error, Failed to install app “4020” (No subscription). So I found the garrys mod code 4000 on Am I doing something wrong? Basically All I need to know now is how the fuck do I start the server? Thank you for your help!

To download app 4020, you must log on anonymously. You probably just spelled anonymous wrong if its asking for a password.

BTW, To start/connect to your server…

Start - Create the start.bat file that most servers use for dedicated servers

Connect - When you get into the console for the server, you should see something like

“Public IP is :____”

If not, just look in one of the gamemode sections, your server should pop up in there.

when i start my server after it is done starting it says “:heart:MasterRequestRestart you server is out of date. please update and restart” i did “app_update 4020 validate” in steam cmd and it still comes up in the console

> login anonymous
> force_install_dir <Wherever server is located>
> app_update 4020 validate