so i have a garrys mod dedicated server and i tried mounting counter strike source so i could use printers ond pick up and drop money so what i did was a went into mount.lua and changed it to the correct directory and now when i attempt to open it it says loading then closes. if you know a solution please help

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also i need to know where to find models for the jobs all i have for every custom job is Eli.mdl and he looks like hes trying to hug you :\ help me i dont like hugs

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and i would need some addons like upgradable money printers and drugs and a farming for money addon

Just one advice: Here

  1. Don’t create 2 Threads, we have eyes you know…
  2. Addons are available via Google/Workshop, if not, is your place (Noone will code an Addon for free, propably)
  3. We can’t help you if you just say: “There’s an Error”

he actually made 3 threads

Oh, not better at all lol

Why u no respond huh? :suicide:

codehire is stupid it makes you pay for shit

Well, I guess I should just spend hours of my time developing quality add ons and not get a single bit of compensation for doing so.
Hell who needs money anyways?

Coding is like a job, so get used to it, kid.