Well i got a few water maps to test out my sub i made, but when i go into the water of anyone of them my screen turns into black and pink squares… I have no idea on hw to fix this, please help! The water in construct works fin but any other map and it’s just pink and black squares… Help would be greatly apreciated.

it’s your graphics. i think all you need to do is just restart gmod. whenever i get that, i just restart and it works for me

or maybe you need a new graphics card

Thanks for the suggestion,it did not fx it… :frowning: And my grphics card is top of the line… so i don’t think that’s the problem…


What card do you have?

Pink and Black squares mean your missing the texture, nothing to do with your GPU… I get this as well.

Is it shiny pink and black, or pure pink and black texture?

Do you actually own the copy of Garry’s Mod that you’re playing?

Not accusing you of anything, but this seems to be the answer for a lot of problems.

It’s just pure pink an black squares, so i think i am missing the texure… But how would i get it, I have re-downloaded the maps each twice…

And yes i have purchased my own copy of garry mod…

What map is this happening on. I’ll see if I have the same problem.

Gm_submarine and gm_waterworld…

Happens to me on rp_SilentHill

It has nothing to do with his graphics card, idiots. Ever since the EP2 update certain maps with certain types of water have purple and blacks underwater.
Get the underwater fix:

Dude thanks so much man 5 star!!

Anything to help. :keke:

Hey but i put the two files into meterials like it said but theydid not go into a specific file, like maps, spacebuild, models, pyroteknix and so on… it just is laying there alone beside the actuall “folders”… So i thought “it might work” and went in gme and it did not… So are the two files supposed to go in any specific folder inside meterials? If so PLEASE let me know so i can start plying those maps… Thanks

The files don’t need to go in any specific folders. Don’t worry

But when i extrated the two vmts to the meterial folder then restarted garrys mod and went to gm_submarine, it did not work!!! :frowning: what am i supposed to do?

There are other water fixes on Just go on and in the search box, type “Water fix,” “Underwater fix,” or “Water.”
Try them all. I’m sure at least one will work.

I have done that now got both fixes put them in there right places and still nothing…

Try these fixes in this order:
I hope this helps.