Please Help: Graphics/texture issue

I would really appreciate any suggestions/help with this issue.
So, here’s the issue.
For a couple of days now, my game has looked like this. (at times it’s felt like i’m hacking when i turn grass down, players are all black and stand out really well against the white)
There was a stage where all the rocks were pink, and ceilings were white as well but that seems to have fixed itself.
When I launch the game, I get these options:
If I run the game with Direct X 9, it looks normal, except i can’t join any of my usual servers.
Googling the issue: Nothing came up.
Fiddling with all the graphics options (from fastest to beautiful)
Turning things on and off under the “Effects” tab
Restarting My Computer
Verifying Integrity of Game Cache
Reinstalling Rust
Reinstalling Graphics Drivers (I had a few issues with this and i’m not sure whether anything actually happened)
Running Rust Windowed vs Fullscreen (at first when i changed it to fullscreen it worked fine, (this removed pink rocks) but when i launched it again it went white)

In the launch options I have it set to “opt out of beta programs” and “automatically update”

PLEASE, PLEASE help, and let me know if any of you are also having this issue, i haven’t encountered anyone else that does.