Please help - I click server and nothing happens (PC and Mac)

I get the game loaded up to the menu screen and click play game. Server list comes up and populates. I can see all pings and players etc and can highlight/select which server I would like to join. But when I double click it seems like nothing is happening (windows 7).
Console on PC doesn’t read anything except “rust.” first line.

When I try to play on my macbook, the server starts to load and gets stuck on “selecting player.”
Well, that’s what used to happened I just tried again on my mac and it goes to the grey loading screen (loading, connecting) and immediately boots back out to server selection (failed to connect).
Console on the Mac reads this:

>> net.connect
> Connecting to
> Connecting to server…
> ConnectingFailed
> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at #=q7stzCc3yMiBGhiz$UFZYvQ==.#=qCkNKr$I6syKukGBcD4QBfw==(.#=qRkBvbu93IU6FsjhPtyGeYPAwbaJELFjf8gJRKjfL8Q=#qgrYxEKeIGH_YCFkj0AO_kw==,NetworkLogFlags#q14_icUxJiFxwKqbTIQC6A==) [0x00000] in <filename unkown> :0

This message repeats each time I try to connect, changing server IP only. And one time it included the line:


right after “Connecting to sever…”

Any suggestions? Are there certain ports I should have open/forwarded in my router?

This may sound dumb but make sure you launch rust from steam and NOT the exe the exe seems too do that for me and I have to press launch from steam :P.

relaunch the game and try double clicking very quickly