Please help, i have questions

So, I’ve just hosted my dedi, the first problem i noticed was when you host a dedi from home, if you connect, and try and veiw the ip, it comes up with a local ip.

My first question - How do i veiw the IP that i can send to people to connect to?

Second question - How do i set an Admin using ULX admin mod? I’ve veiwed the instructionals, but they seem not to work… Can someone fill this in with the correct things to put in the feilds, cause i got a bit confused with it…

Format of admin account in users.txt–
“id” “<name|ip|steamid|clantag>”
“type” “<name|ip|steamid|clantag>”
“pass” “<password>”
“pass_req” “<0|1>”
“ulx kick”
“ulx ban”
“ulx cexec”

Thanks in advanced.

Please do research, go to Ulx site… google, anything rather than running here straight away, thanks.

Go in the server. Using rcon (i assume you know how this works) do the following command:

ulx adduser $part of your ingame name$ superadmin 1

Of cource replace the bit between $ sings with your info.

I try this and it returns “Invalid group” I even tried with the other group names…

Then delete(or rename) your data/ulib folder and restart the server.