Please Help, I Just Bought Garrys' Mod

Hi, so as you can see i just bought garrys mod but i don’t have hl2, so i want to ask.

How to run garrys mod if i don’t have hl2 on my steam, or what files i need to dowlnoad to play Gmod?


EDIT: I need to get it to work for free. :wink:

Buy half life 2 and counterstrike: source

I don’t have money for them and i don’t have credit card

Ask your parents.

You don’t need HL2. You need 1 Source game (TF2, CSS, etc), and Garry’s Mod. You get the HL2 content anyway.

If you bought Garry’s Mod from Steam, this seems a bit odd as I heard it doesn’t let you buy it unless you already own a compatible Source engine game or buy one of the bundles.

If you bought it off a disk form somewhere, we can’t help you. Garry’s Mod is not available on disk. Whoever sold it sold you a pirated version.

I know what i need any source game, but i don’t have money to buy them and my parents cards types are not accepted in steam.


No, it’s not pirated, well i don’t bought it my friend send it as a gift to me.

What kind of card do your parents have? A ZimbabweCredit?

they have visa electronic, i have tried to buy a game with it but it failed…

Don’t worry add me on steam and i will gift you Half Life 2.



Oh damnit, the 3$ offer is over.
I will gift it anyway.

Didn’t mean to come off as a pirate/witch hunter. I didn’t know you could accept it as a gift without having a Source game that is compatible.

From what I’ve heard, steam never checked when gifting.

Yeah it never checks gifts


Thanks to nanutek, i have now hl2 :wink: and i can play Gmod ;D At last!!! :slight_smile: