Please help. I need this build prop/thing desperately

hi there

Can someone please tell me where I can get the models/building props below?

I have searched for hours but still unable to find them.

This is what I mean:

The concrete wall from Portal:

The black padded-like walls also from Portal

Orange walls from CSS (?) (slide maps)

Can somebody also please tell where I can download Portal stuff? I already have PHX3 and wiremod.

Thank alot

Arent those only done with hammer?

You can’t spawn walls in Gmod, those are not props, they are brushes.

The portal metal box cube shit thing is in the portal spawnlist, however.

hehehehe I know you can’t spawn a wall (I am am noob but even I know that :D) What I need is building blocks (like the tiled blocks you get from PHX/tiles) but in that style I showed above.

Thanks for your reply


Do you mean brushes as in Materials? I have lots of Materials but not ones which look like those walls in portal.

Sigh, in other words,you cant spawn them in game. You can try to make a workaround but its not possible… Unless you know how to model and texture.

or a damn good lua coder

thanks for the replies but is it not possible to spawn block-like props (like the tiles blocks) in this style?

You could make props in this style using Hammer and Propper, but it would take quite a while and require a fair bit of effort.

^ thanks :frowning:

The metal cube props are in the portal spawnlist, i figure you don’t even have portal seeing as you haven’t talked about it yet.

^ what?

Anyway…I can’t find the portal spawnlist anywhere

if you have portal then gmod should have built a spawnlist… SO I would think anyways

you need to buy portal to get the props like the companian cube. The walls are done in hammer. so build a map using those brushes and spawn a cube and your all set.

Thanks for the advice guys

I have Portal but I downloaded it after I installed Gmod. Maybe I should reinstall gmod :slight_smile:

Mount it in your options.

Dude cmon. Now I want to be able to spawn walls. Man that’s a downer.

hammer is a wonderful tool…

i would make an attempt to make these props but i don’t know how to make models and stuff.

btw, have u looked on your brows tab for portal?