Please help if can :)

Hello there im 17 year old rust (cracked -.-) player.I woud like to play rust but my parents (only my dad , cuz my mom died back in 2010 in car accident) cant afford me 25$ or how much is it :S. He is litheraly trying to feed me and my sister, and pay us a school. So if there is someone who has a big hearth who can give me rust key or gift , i can join him playing ,played allot of it cracked . But there is bunch of cheaters . I know that someone of you has this big <3 and can afford to give me one little gift ill love to play with him talk to him and that stuff .

Email :
Steam username : plazer1337
Skype : kemobrateu

So ty everyone who reads this , i think that this is not aggainst the rules and that admin will not ban me :S

Thank you everyone and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

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Lol. Maybe if you hadn’t played the stolen version first.

Yeah man i know but still i wanted to play it from the first open beta but didnt had a quite bit of money to afford it :S so i wanted to try it out somehow , my friend gave me a download and i downloaded it played for 4-5 months but not on one server cuz there are fcking cheaters -.-

I don’t believe sob stories on forums, sorry.

He’s having trouble feeding you but can afford to let you have a computer and internet? That seems odd to me, if you were in that bad a situation you would not be here begging for game money.

#Warm you dont need to if you dont want i just asked if someone can cuz i dont have enaugh money to buy it i didnt told “Come on someone buy me rust” i asked nicely and told why i cant afford it and who belives who not if i get it i’ll still keep living if i dont i still keep living so :slight_smile: Ty for you opinion :slight_smile:

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#Algid the country gave me this (bosnia and herzegovina) a home and before my mother died 2009 my dad bought a new computer and the internet taxes are only 5€ so … thats how can i log on now :slight_smile:

Comp specs :

Single core 2.8
1.5gb ram
Ati Radeon 4550HD
120 GB HDD

Its not so good but i can play on 20 fps so :slight_smile:

If you are struggling to have food to eat than your internet and computer will not be good enough to make rust an enjoyable experience. If they are than cut down on your internet and buy groceries. Also there are cheaper games than rust to entertain you with. I see no reason that you need to buy rust


I didnt mean literally that we dont have anything to eat and stuff , last year i didnt had 3 monts internet and my dad had to work like double to get 50-100€ soo ,

If you cant help please dont pay attention

Some good points are raised. If you and your family are struggling financially to the point where food is a major concern, ditch the internet to save some money, sell the PC and buy food.

When I was 17 things were hard for my family as well. Want to know what I did? I mowed lawns, washed cars and everything else I could find to do to put some cash in my wallet and food in my stomach.

Sounds like it’s time to grow up!

I just said that i dont have enaught money to buy it and that’s all i just wanted to ask if someone can i didnt mean to push you to gift me it … so sorry for asking shoudnt even posted this -.-

I don’t think you should be using your dead mum as leverage to get people to buy you games.

I’d imagine your late mother (sorry to hear, by the way) would rather you get a job and pay for it yourself instead of begging online.

#rapefruit sorry than man and yeah i coud work now as im 17 and im not 18 if police catch’s me my boss will get punishment of 1000-1500€ and if i woudnt had a boss or i woundt tell who’s my boss they woud send my dad to prison or gave me a punishment so shitty country mah

This is starting to get a tad ridiculous. You claim that you and your father are on the verge of being thrown into jail and you come here asking for a video game?

I don’t believe your story, but if it is true then you really need to get your priorities straight.

And with that, this thread should probably quietly wither and die.

I thinked that i bought computer in 2009 and my mother died and 2010 :wink:

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Just dont reply on it if you dont like it man that’s all just asked i live in a shitty country where 5 peaople is rich and other 1million is poor and that stuff -.-

Ok first of all nigga, get a job you are 17, at your age i’ve had 3 baby mamas taxing my ass. How is that possible you ask? A Job. I been working since 16 you spoiled little shit, get a job.

Have some dignity instead :wink:

If you were that poor you were asking for food now ,not Rust

This is his account :

No one is going to buy you the game im sorry dude. If your mother really did die I wouldn’t be using it to get myself a free game if i were you. I mean hell my grandfather died of a heart attack and the only thing I didn’t use it as a way to make money. Anyway your 17 you can get a job at 14 in most areas so i suggest you ask your dad for a job he would most likely allow you to get one so you can buy your own food so he can feed the rest of his family as you stated.

Okay so, first of all, thanks for displaying such compassion for this guy. Maybe his story is BS and he just wants to get a Rust key for free, maybe it’s really hard for him, you don’t know.
Second, not everyone who hasn’t got a job at the age of 17 is a “spoiled little shit”. I’m 21 and still haven’t one for reasons you don’t need to know. Does that make me a spoiled little shit? Jerk.