Please help I'm eager to play rust've tried everything, read this!

is there anything I can do to get a key?
If what the options are, please really want to play this game (do anything)

(User was banned for this post ("key beggar/can't read" - postal))

You could try giving out blowjobs for money to buy rust.

Edit: Or that ^

Yes. You purchase a key on this page:

Then you register with the key you receive.

You can buy it here:
At the moment it is currently out of stock, you will have to wait for a new auction round.

The problem is that the prices are high and can not afford

I would say its worth the $70 i payed, even if its alpha stage.

I have to win this key for free? do anything

this game is fucking pay to play so you cant play it for free. DONE NAILED IT !

If you can’t afford it, you can’t get it. There’s no other way to get a key at the moment.

i heard theres this thing called money

Either wait for the auction to go down or don’t play. You are out of luck if you can’t manage about $35.

I don’t know anybody that has ever said this to anybody, that is very rude.