[Please help] Input Lag, Teleporting, Non-existant network problems

Since yesterday, I was able to play rust fine, everything worked great and fun was had for all.

However, yesterday I hopped on a server, and after about a minute, I was teleported all the way back to a spot where I had previously been 30 seconds ago. This type of thing would happen at random intervals, where I would be teleported back somewhere I had been just a few seconds ago, to where I had travelled from factory to the road north of big radtown, and been teleported all the way back. Also, Any and all living things in the world (zombies, players, animals, ect.) Seemed to stutter across the ground, making any and all confrontations with anything impossible to deal with. Combine these two problems, and I would be running away from a zombie, and then teleported back to him where he would eat me alive, and myself unable to fight back. I first tried messing with my modem and doing a internet speed test(50 mb/s down, 10 mb/s up). Everything seemed fine with my internet. I went to various other servers and experienced the same problems.

If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it!

{I’m using windows 8.1 if you need to know my version of windows}

Sounds like you are now part of the desync club…

I was able to play fine before the previous patch before I joined the club. :frowning: still can’t play.

Check to see if the problem is happening on more than one server. Double check your ping before entering the server.

I’ve already tried joining other servers.

Anyone know if there is any sort of fix or if they are working on it or something?