PLEASE HELP! is their a way to despawn vehicles after you change your job?

I need a way for if people decide to leave the police force that there squad car disappears and doesn’t stay there please help it’s of great importance!


where would i add this so it works.

How would I know? You didn’t post any code.

Not too sure but this might be good code:
for k, v in pairs (ents.FindByClass(“prop_vehicle”)) do
if v:GetOwner() == ply then

I am not too sure though, should get you somewhere if it doesn’t work. You might be able to fit that in somewhere in the main.lua file near the ChangeJob function (or /job command). Hope I could help. :3

(Assuming it’s DarkRP)

Why are you making multiple threads for your problems? There is already a thread for asking for help, and you just want us to build your server for you.

Expanding on this, head over to the hiring thread, and hire a coder who can do this for you. The occasional question is fine, but if you are asking every single question, hire a coder.

When 13 is out I’m just going to make a couple massive tutorials on setting up servers with different gamemodes, just to stop these questions.

The thing about that though is even for GMOD12, currently there are tutorials on how to setup gamemodes and people still go on here asking questions. For example, people keep posting their giant list of jobs saying “I did everything in the shared.lua and it still doesn’t work.”. My point is that questions like this are still going to happen even though you make tutorials.

FYI, I’m not saying you shouldn’t make tutorials. :v:

I just have a few problems and need help thats all i’m asking for… My friend is a good coder but he isn’t on so i neeeded help

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I could figure this out eventually but it takes time and i don’t have time cause i want my server to be up for a month before gmod 13 comes out! no need to hire a coder.

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well people just need alittle help sometimes… I try to help as much as i can with problems that i actually know about!