Please help, just bought a new laptop, running Rust in terrible FPS.

Hey guys, yesterday i got a new laptop, and even in fastest settings the game runs on really low fps (unplayable), i tried power settings to performance, tried getting the latest nvidia drivers, tried changing it in nvidia settings to run Rust on the gtx, tried running the game directly from GeForce Experience, still im getting low fps (even in fastest settings), also tried to disable the integrated GPU and either steam or rust wont even start, so that’s why i know it’s still running on the integrated GPU. Im no computer expert, but i reckon this laptop should be able to play Rust at least in Good settings and smoothly. Please help, i got the game yesterday, been craving to play it for months, and now that i have it, i can’t. :confused:

Windows 8
Intel i7 4720HQ @ 2,60ghz
16gb ram
GeForce GTX 970M 4gb

Nevermind guys, after some research i got it, working fine now in max settings. Thanks anyway.

Laptop sucks btw.

PC + Gaming = Correct!
Laptop + Gaming = Incorrect!

You should post how you solved the problem, instead of just saying you fixed it.

Didn’t say anything cuz i found it here, but here it is:

Hey man I have basically the same specs and problem as you, can you tell me what you did exactly to fix the problem? There were many solutions on the post you linked to. Thanks!

rust is using the wrong gpu.

I know that is the problem but I cannot seem to fix it. I tried the method listed in the post linked which is to give nvidia full control and it worked well once, once I restarted the game the problem came back.