Please help just looking for advice having trouble with a coding a simple cool down timer for point shop item.

Would anyone know how to make a cool down function for a Traitor buy in or a power up or just a place for me to reference so I can figure it out. Ive searched all over and tried not to bug anyone but cannot seem to find anything. Thank you

Find whatever the OnPurchase hook is, and then count the rounds… if the roundcooldown <= roundsincepurchase then allow the user to buy again, otherwise return false and print some sort of chat message.

ohhh I get what your saying let me try it and I will come back thank you, new to coding so I really appreciate it.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but this would be the buy hook for the shop correct? or am I way off

net.Receive('PS_BuyItem', function(length, ply)