Please HELP! Mad Cow's Ammo

Now this is really starting to get to me, if someone can please help me on finding what file i need to edit to add new ammo types/remove the default types. I need this so that people can buy the customized ammo for the mad cow weapons.

Before anyone says this:
“Just change what type of ammo the guns use to smg1, or pistol, or buckshot.”

I really dont want to because of little things like the “p” in pistol isn’t capitol or the fact that it’s lacking a rifle ammo type.

Can someone either tell me how to change the names of the default ammo, or how to add/remove the old ammo? Also i dont know which dir it’s in so if atleast i can have a default c:/SRCDS directory i would love you.

Hopefully this isnt asking for too much but i must have checked over 20-30 threads with the same, change the type of ammo response.

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Err, forgot to say. This is for a DarkRP server.

In the latest DarkRP version I believe there is a file called ammotypes.lua. It shows you how to edit and add ammo types in that file. If you don’t have that file update to the lastest version of DarkRP here