Please help me! EAC banned me from my main server and i don't know the reason!

Hello guys just created this account to facepunch in order to get help!As mentioned EAC banned me from Amsterdam II but i can’t see the reason for that. I have never tried to download a hack for Rust (i haven’t even typed anything like that)! I tried to contact EAC but i hope someone from EAC will respond me here for info. Any help from others anything that can help please respond!

me too man
me fucking too from server milan

Is there any way to prove that I’m not hacking? Anything will do any check!

You can start by providing your Steam ID, or just linking to which one of these tweets links to your Steam account. (This account livetweets the EAC banlist.)

If you’re lucky, an EAC employee will come by and either confirm that your ban was valid (typically confirming if a payhack was detected) or (this has only happened once and turned out to be a mistake and a valid ban) have it reversed because of a false positive.

Thanks for the help really! Here is my steam I hope it helps! As for the twitter i can’t find my name!

So we have to wait?

Best thing is to just email EAC directly. They will respond. You don’t really need to post your steam ID here. Just ask EAC and they will check about the ban.

It seems like there are a lot of these suddenly since the update.

i contacted EAC but they didn’t respond yet (will they respond to my e-mail?)! I have no problem to post my steam here cause i have nothing to hide!

I don’t see it within the last 20 hours or so, either. Do you family-share your copy of Rust to anyone?

Note: I’m not EAC staff (nor am I a Rust dev), I have no access to the banlist, so I don’t know the real answer.

They will reply - but not instantly. You can post your ID if you want - but I would not get into a debate with a random player - just wait for the EAC employee to respond. EAC seems good about getting back to emails - although it is Friday night.

No i dont share Rust with anyone. Can i ask is there a chance that i will be unbanned?

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I will wait EAC respond to my e-mail but any help you guys can give will be usefull!

I sent an email, I just have to wait for their answer now

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If EAC mistakenly banned you, you will be unbanned. However, you’d be the first*. If the ban was a valid hack detection, there is no second chance.

  • As I said, there was one unban once, but it turned out to be a correct positive - the account was EAC-banned because it owned Rust and was family sharing it with an account that had been detected hacking, and family-share owners are infected with EAC bans if their copy’s used to hack by someone else in order to close this loophole. The guy was banned, complained that it was invalid, unbanned and apologized to by EAC, and then re-banned like 12 hours later, came back crying, and EAC explained that they knew about his family share account and its hacks, and that’s why his ban is, in fact, valid.

Can someone share my copy without my permission and can you please tell me where i can see if im sharing it?

If someone else has full control of your account (and your email address, for SteamGuard), it’s theoretically possible that your account could’ve been shared under your nose. However, you would have received notifications that a shared account is using your copy of Rust, or any other game – also, if you’re playing a game at the time that the shared user starts a borrowed game, you’d get kicked out with a message. It’s kind of hard to stealth this shit unless you really don’t pay attention.

Here is the Family Sharing user guide.

If that’s so none knows my steam and email code

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and i can’t see any devise connected or added

This account has not been banned by EAC, which also explains why your name isn’t in the twitter list. We’ll sort this out, sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile :confused:

Thank you for the help!

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(Does that mean I will get my unbann to Amsterdam II?)

Yes, the game server banlist cache will be reset. When joining other (official) servers, do you still get the same issue?

No i can join other official servers but not Amsterdam II!