Please help me to choose addons

Hello or good evening,

I post this post for some information I needed for my server,

I need some addons that I can not find for a long time, it’s pretty unpleasant.
Looking first time an addons for gasoline vehicles, apart from this one (which does not please me):

So if you have to offer me let me know! And then I look a few addons that could favored my server:
An addon to see the speed at which the vehicles are,
An addon for the bank,

That, and I’m interested in all other suggestions addons for Ultra Serious Role Play server, thank you very much, I said that I am French and I did my message with google translation, so I hope you understand. Thank you to bring me your help

(User was banned for this post ("This section is for posting addons you've released/made!" - NiandraLades))