Please help me with my workshop.vdf

My workshop.vdf is as follows

	"1"		"104479467"
	"2"		"106958912"
	"3"		"108424005"
	"6"		"104479467"
	"8"		"104483020"
	"9"		"104492363"
	"10"		"104479034"

Bottom line: the majority of them DON’T SHOW UP ON MY SERVER.
Please help me!

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Also, I have GMAD extractor, and it doesn’t work. I have addons in my addons folder the same as the ones in the .vdf and they don’t work at all.


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HELP! I have tried every search result in google for this problem! My workshop.vdf file ISN’T WORKING! Please, oh, please help me! Other servers have my addons that arent working and I am so frustrated!

Try and update you’re srcds and you’re HLDSTool, if you can.