PLEASE help me with some addons

ok so here is my situation… i have downloaded a lot of vehicles and for each one i extract them in steam//steamapps//acountname//garrysmod//garrysmod//addons and for each one i can’t seem to get it in the game so that i can drive them… there is only one addon that successfully worked for me… and thats the district 9 car pack and those were the only ones that appeared in the vehicle menu… i don’t know how to get the flyable/drivable vehicles in the vehicle menu or much less spawn them as a whole… please help me or just give me step to step instructions… thanks


here is an example of one of the vehicles that i couldn’t/can’t figure out…


please help asap

2 things

  1. The addons may be conflicting
  2. They might be in the entities tab not all vehicle addons are in the vehicle tab :razz:

omg thank you… alot of them were in entities XD . but still there are a lot of other cars that i wasn’t able to access… any other ideas?


another thing… i downloaded 3 drivable sports cars and it says to place them in steam/steamapps/acountname/gmod/gmod/data/adv. dup. and to do this i downloaded advance duplicator and then i placed the files in there but when i try to use them in teh adv. duplicator it just sends a lot fo messeges saying .“error … failed to load gmod thrusters” or something. and the car is still just a big error sign… any ideas? please help… i could relaly use a nice sports car right now.

please help me!!! :((((