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I am Aiizr and I am attempting to edit a map for a Garry’s Mod server to add an admin area to the map rp_downtown_v4c. The thing I need help with is when I add the area and try to test the map in my Garry’s Mod I can not noclip to the area. There is basically a giant black void outside of the map like I never even added the area. If anyone can tell me how I go about removing the “void” would be amazing. The pictures below are of in game and in the Hammer Editor.

This is a screenshot if where the admin area would be.

This is in Hammer editor of the same spot.

Any information on this would truly help me out so much.

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Post your compile log.

Just a theory, but try placing a single prop_static inside the room and see if that works. I’m fairly sure an entity needs to be inside the box for it to compile as a valid world space.

This is correct, without any entities in the room and since it’s not connected to other parts of the map, Hammer doesn’t recognize it as an actual area and leaves it out of the compile.
Technically any entity should work. If you don’t want to add a prop_static in the area just use a light entity and it should compile correctly.

Thank you I will try that