Please help no HUD

i have no hud ingame and i cant fix it with nividia because i have intel graphics built into my mother-board.
Please help

Me too…

I can’t see anything ingame at all. I also have integrated Intel graphics. (Intel HD Graphics)

Same here.

Alpha problems. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Yea, I gave up on looking for fixes just waiting to see if a dev knows a fix or when a fix is put up for it. Im going to the beach for a week. Would be nice to come back and see it working…

AMD Help with no Hud and crafting please?

I fix it - must install new drivers (i have laptop)


Earlier i have posted the solution for your problem, i don`t know if you read it or not. It might help you.

I have read your previous posts, about the lack of an Nvidia card and only having an Intel one. If you have only the intel one and no others than i am afraid i can`t help you.