Please help Pickpocket swep Returning money on death

Ive looked everywhere for a solution and I feel like I tried everything. I need a couple things, first I need something that makes it so if you pickpocket and you die, the money gets refunded to that player, second I need it so that can only be true for, lets say 1 minute, then after 1 minute the money refund is no longer valid. Lastly I have a 2 minute cooldown on pickpocketing so I need a simple notification that says you have to wait the CD time if you left click with the swep out. if someone can come up with those functions for me that would be really helpful. Here is a snippet of the swep so far

So you searched “How to make a pickpocket system that returns the money you stole to player when you die”?

Code it by yourself, learn about hooks, learn about functions, try to learn, stop using the damn excuse about “I’ve looked everywhere”
Don’t repost the same thing

We’re not going to spoon feed you buddy , its easy just do what Blinkenn Suggested in your other thread.

I lost the link to that forum so I reposted my bad. But thank you I will try to do what u suggested

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I see you had a tough day in school?

We’re trying to help you but you have to make some effort at least try and do what Blinkenn said, then when you get the problems we will solve them…