Please Help?!? Server list wont load?

Hi there. there is a problem with my gmod. every time i load up everything works normal but when i try to find an online game no servers seem to be found. no matter how long i wait still no servers appear. in the console a error appears something along the lines of “Failed to load maplist.txt” but my single player maps work fine. gmod just wont load the online server list? help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: gmod was once able to load the servers on my laptop, i never really played it so i uninstalled it. recently i reinstalled it and this is when the problem first occured. I now have a PC ( dont know the exact specs but i know for sure its not the problem) and the same problem happens :frowning: help would be really… helpful? xD thanks :slight_smile:

Someone? please? xD

there is another thread with the same problem, and im not sure what the solution is :tinfoil:

Thanks dude anyway for posting :). its just annoying cause online gameplay is the best thing about gmod ( in my opinion )

i agree, its not much fun alone. :smile:

That sucks. A temporary workaround would be to google a gmod server you want to play on and open the console and type “connect <server ip>” (without quotes).

Can you open steam and click View > Servers and get the list to load from there?

Allow hl2.exe through your firewall. If that fails try opening the ports gmod uses on your router

thanks for posting. yeah ive tryed that also and it crashes most of the time. it comes up with an error just as im about to enter the game. i cant remember what it is :frowning: but ive not tryed the view thing. il try that :slight_smile: thanks

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thanks for posting. yeah hl2.exe is already allowed through my firewall. it doesn’t seem make a difference :(. im not to sure about the ports though :S lol thanks :slight_smile: