Please help since last version from the EXP Rust my game don't have sound

Please, does someone have this problem also…

Since my last update my game lost the sounds, i a mean all sound startting at the main page…

The older Rust all the sounds are working perfect, just in the EXP version no sounds at all outside or inside the server.

Please someone helpme don’t know wath to do anymore…


Same problem. Maybe go on RUST - not update in options ?

Wel i think now i have to do update until the sound cameback, i desinstal the game and reinstall and the problem still the same, i whant to cry, can’t play that game without sound :frowning:

You need install game and in properties in tab “updates” choose none.
Version of this client was 1309 (not fixed bug with mega-jump on buildings :|) but sound work good.

gunshots dont work for me in this patch, along with other sounds like footsteps