Please help... Warning overflowed cclientrenderableslist group 6 WTF?

So i’v made a full scale map. I look into the sky once compiled n playing but when looking into the sky its ok up until about half way in the sky… :confused: then the map starts to play up as if you was looking into that black void where there is no brush tool… but the skybox is all there n working

I have no fucking clue why it does this all I need to know is why it does this and how to fix it

I used google to search this error and it only comes up with GROUP 7 not GROUP 6

mean alot if SOMEONE could help

Post the vmf. if you want you can pm it, so it doesn’t get out in the open.

Why would you need the VMF???

To check for errors perhaps? We can’t tell what is wrong with a map without having access to the map. Some errors we can, but not all of them.

Plus it’s not like we’re going to steal anything, most of the mappers here are respectable. And on that note, hi mapping forum, long time.