Please help with darkrp, please just look

I am a server owner and trying to get my darkrp to work but every time i start darkrp i just get the error: Couldn’t Load Init Script: ‘darkrp/gamemode/cl_init.lua’. If someone could give me a copy of your darkrp(Working) with out mods and things just plain darkrp that would be real nice, or just some help, thanks!, you could also help me out with the eror instead of giving me a download :D! Thanks!

Latest and greatest.

I can help you installing it if you can’t get it to work but it’s probably because you forgot to put gamemode “darkrp” in server.cfg
Or +gamemode darkrp
In startup line

I have already tried and it does not work, i just keep getting that error :confused:

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That is the one i am running, thank you though.

Add me on Steam and I will take a look.