Please help with Entity Scale Model

When I spawn this entity I want the model bellow to be scaled by 2x its size


DEFINE_BASECLASS( "gf2_base_adv" )

ENT.Spawnable		= true
ENT.AdminOnly		= false

ENT.PrintName		             =  "8Inch Mortar Tube"
ENT.Author			     =  "Rogue Cheney"
ENT.Contact		             =  ""
ENT.Category                         =  "G-Works 2 - Mortars + Shells"

ENT.Model                            =  "models/models/gf2/rogue_cheney/mortars/mortar_03.mdl"

ENT.Mass                             =  150

ENT.GBOWNER                          =  nil

ent:SetModelScale( ent:GetModelScale() * 1.25, 1 )

This line of code doesn’t work. “ent” is a nil value. Please help!!

is that all of your code? if yes, then you have to learn at all how to make an ent.

I’ll quote the post I made in the thread you posted in the wrong board

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this isn’t helpful in the slightest

Change * 1.25 to * 2 to make sure it scales it up by 2x.

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As pointed out by bitches, place self:SetModelScale( ent:GetModelScale() * 1.25, 1 ) in ENT:Initialize() hook.