I create a multiplayer server for gmod, and after my friends join to my server - it’s scalling down to tray, and send error

Runtime error
Program G:\Games\gmod\hl2.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it an unusual way.
Please contact the application support team for more information.]

and in the console i saw message
Host_error: overflow error writing string table baseline LuaStringTable…

Please a really need you help! i just don’t know what to do… T__T
and sorry for n00b level of english - i am badly know english =)

Uhhh, That doesn’t look like a steam folder me thinky you pirated it, naught boy.


We don’t help pirates here on facepunch.

Try starting the server without addons first.

IF it works then start by adding addon per addon again to the server.

Once you get the error again you can post it here (or you know not to install that addon again)

The problem is usualy by having to much addon files (lua) or according to some people to much networkedvars (in addons). We can’t really say it’s the cause of 1 single addon, cause it’s usualy a mix of various addons combines that are causing it.


Servers don’t need steam, there is SRCDS, which you can install to any folder you want.

Ehermnemem… Show us your WHOLE Gmod Directory… In PICTURE Form please

Otherwise we will not help you.

:bang: Why do Pirates think they have the right to be here?