Please help with reprogramable DHD

I am trying to modify existing DHD into an reprogramable DHD for Carters Addon Pack
The idea is simple:

The DHD (when spawned) comes with already built in code
which can be later edited with the E2 tool.
The DHD would be programmed in E2. (The DHD would be an Lua Entity, but could be reprogrammed with the E2 tool)
So you could basically write your own code, upload to DHD and dial the gate!
The default program would allow only 7 chevron dialing, but you could modify it to dial more.

So, here is where i am stuck, so if somebody could help me by doing this…

I want the DHD have following wire outputs:
Address [STRING] and DialAddress
When you press the buttons the DHD should not activate the chevrons on the gate but it should output the currently dialed address @ the Address [STRING] output
(if i press 1 A 5 K button on the DHD the Address [STRING] output should be 1A5K)
When you press the central orb the DialAddress output should be toggled to 1 and after a second or two back to 0

I have done this already but i can’t spawn my DHD in game, and there are useless functions in the code… and once the DHD spawned as big red ERROR and i could not fix it… :frowning:
So, please can you do this for me?
I can do the rest (the programming of the DHD part).

Did I understood it correctly - you want to make scripet entity (here, DHD) entirely with e2? Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no, you did not.
I am trying to make an entity that can be programmed LIKE E2. For now i am trying to make a DHD (as an entity in lua ofc.) that will output the pressed buttons in “Address [STRING]” wire output and not control the gate. I would do it myself but the DHD code is too complicated for me to understand.

Okaay… i guess not… Anyway, i have managed to make DHD keypad work, time for E2 stuff.

nice :stuck_out_tongue: