Please help with skinning issue!

Hello everyone. :toot:

I have just started skinning & hexing recently and I’ve been successful. But now I would like to know how to uhm … “trim” texture off the model so that it is transparent.

I am using one of the female citizen models, and I want to make her have a tank top, but I don’t want the texture taking the shape of the default clothes that she wears.

How would I go about doing this? Any help would be appreciated, thank you! :tiphat:
Please say if you need any clarification, because this is difficult to explain.

Unfortunately, what you’re requesting isn’t a skinning issue, it’s a modelling one.

What you’re asking is to modify the female citizen’s model, so that it’ll have the shape of a woman wearing a tank top, not a citizen’s jacket. That can’t be done with materials, because materials strictly adhere to the model it’s assigned to. If you tried to use transparency, you’d end up with big, invisible gaps in the model, not the “trimming” that you’re asking for.

Sorry, but it’s not possible in my knowledge.

Oh dear. So I would have to find a model of that or make my own I guess. :ohdear:
Thanks for your help! :buddy: