Please Help With SRCDS Server - Video

Here’s a problem I have been having for awhile now. I’m trying to make a Garry’s Mod server now for awhile with no luck. I have forwarded ports 27005 and 27015 with both TCP and UDP protocols. I have unblocked the programs with the Windows firewall and disabled the DMZ host within my routers settings.

Here’s the video.

If there is anything I’m missing please let me know.

Well for starters to fix that DLL error do the following (Taken from the GMod wiki… you scrolled right past it in the video)

As for the other problem , looks like you did everything correctly.

Here’s what I would try

Try connecting with the local address (The one in the video showed, or connect to your server on another computer on your network. If it fails that means something on your computer like an anti virus firewall or something did not get setup correctly in the windows firewall. If it works fine, good everything is open so far.

Now there are a few things you can try…
To me it looks like you opened the ports correctly on your modem, It looked like you enabled the DMZ on your PC though, I’d disable that as it could be a security risk.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess your ISP may be blocking ports, some residential ISPs do that to prevent people from hosting servers… Have you tried running the server on a different port?

There’s not much more I can say at the moment, I may be able to offer some more help over TeamViewer, or a skype or steam chat… if your unable to get it working feel free to ask.

If it turns out your ISP is blocking ports, you could try using Hamachi… although my least favorite choice, it will at least allow you to host a server which your friends could join.

Fixed /thread