Please help with this "failed to start" issue

Ever since recently for some reason i pressed start and i get this
i don’t know why and I’ve tried everything from uninstalling rust, and other stuff and verifying game cache, and if i go to game files and select rustclient.exe it will go straight to the game and if i want to join a server, it EAC disconnects me, even though i have gone through multiple fixes to fix just THAT, i’m at a total loss here, please tell me someone knows how to fix this issue.

PS: the only anti-virus i have is windows firewall and i HAVE tried disabling it and re-trying rust, nothing different happened.

I have also had issues logging in. I get to the Rules and I cannot hit “I accept” or “I refuse” it just sits there. F1 comes up but I cannot enter the game. This started yesterday 04.26.16

This has nothing to do with the OP’s issue so stop trolling. Your issue sounds like the individual server you are trying to join. Have you tried logging onto another server?

I got same problem too :frowning:

Your Windows 10 is outdated. Use Windows Update to install it to the latest version.