Please Implement Lag-Spike Fixes.

From Trello, we know that Facepunch have sorted out the weird random lagspikes and mostly fixed the lag created when structures render in, so can we please have it implemented? Especially if you guys don’t have a content update coming, which is fine, because we also know you guys are working on a lot of cool stuff, but even if it was just a small patch that needed to be downloaded, which only came with the lag fixes, I would be happy. Way too many times have I gotten into a gun fight for my game to spike to 2 frames for me then be dead when it sorts itself out, and it really annoys me.

So please guys, if we can try and convince Facepunch to just give us this for the weekend, or if one of them sees this personally (which I doubt) I would be happy.
Not asking for content to come with it, even though that would be great, just the lag fixes would e greatly appreciated.

If you weren’t prepared for some inconvenience, you shouldn’t have gotten involved in an alpha.

There’s no need to rush a patch earlier than it’s ready just because you’re dying due to lag spikes.

Me and my friends are having huge freeze/lag spikes problems also. It makes game barely playable. I know: Alpha-Blablalfa but i didnt see any mention from devs about this problem…

I’ve been playing the game since before it came to steam. I realise it’s alpha, all I’m saying is it’s done, we don’t NEED to wait for it.

All that needs to happen is for it to be published.

EDIT: And I clearly stated that i didn’t want them to rush out content just to get this patch done either, so why are you saying that I am pushing them?

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Look at their Trello page, they have actually sorted out the random lag spikes and are working on reducing the CPU power required to generate the structures and the like. I believe if you go to, and click Rust Main, you can find it in there for proof.

Also, the Trello is good just for looking at progress on features as it happens.

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Also, I would just like to stress that they can bring updates live whenever. They have said before that Valve has given them permission to push out updates when they please, and I even have proof for anyone who’s gonna get mad about it.

Everything in this post prior to the bolded part needs to have a chat with the bolded part and see if they’re contradictory.

The thing is is that I’m not pushing for them to do anything because it’s already complete, that’s my point. I’m not telling them to make fixes for the lag because it has already happened.

Look, you have a point, and I don’t want to keep this thread going, so I’m just going to leave it, and you take it as you wish.

If Gary and the fan boy brigade weren’t ready to hear feedback, they shouldn’t have monetized the project.

To be honest, the feedback was heard. And it is already fixed. Just not implemented yet.

I also have this issue. It seems to happen on every server I play on, including the server I own. It’s unfortunate.