Please increase stair height to walk under standing.

So i dont have to crouch to walk under stairs to get to a door. Just tweak stair size so it clears the doorway and still be functional

or position the stairs/door better

Not possible in some circumstances,

Then just crouch… jesus you people, lazy.

Edit: sometimes I wonder if you guys are going to marry a pregnant girl so you don’t need to do that aswell…

LMFAO. I agree. Crouching is in the game for a reason. If you don’t utilize it for what it is, you really have no room to complain.

As for pregnant comment: Can she climb on top? I have a headache.

I build a staircase in a room with a door. With some crouching I could get in. I however could not get back out, I tried all sorts of jumps crouches and combinations, I needed to destroy the staircase eventually.

Good trap for intruders I guess…

pinnacle of laziness, just crouch. The game does not need to be changed because you cant be bothered to press the ctrl key. I hate when people say “well JUST do this change” having absolutely no concept of how coding works. It would take over a week to implement a new stair model, while it would take a fraction of a second to press a button on your keyboard and stop complaining

You fools! It auto crouches for you and slows you down! If you played the game as much as I do youd know that! When it comes time to grow your food for your sorry lazy asses I wont be playing as much. I farm so i dont have to work in the winter, I play the game more than you and I know what im talking about.

It just seems poor design of stairs. they are wide and huge. If they were a bit refined it would allow doors under staircases.

P.S. I live on my own and have a hot girlfriend.

P.S.S. All your trolls are flame and inferior to me… #pwn the n00bs, #1337Life

You hatchet a tree bro?

Do you even Zombie bro?

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If I were in game with any of you stupid fools, I would c4 your base and then put ceilings in all your stairs and throw you off the server.