Please keep the concept of PvE-servers!

More of a request towards the developer and less towards the community.
After constantly getting killed by clans with nothing better to do the last three days after buying the game, I tried the PvE-server with a friend. And what can I say, it is amazing. I was a long time DayZ player and while DayZ had the same community problems, it wasnt as hurtful to new players since there were less players per Map. However, Rust works far better in a PvE setting than DayZ does; it is an incredible load of fun to gather resources, slay zombies and build giant houses with friends without the danger of losing everything for free. This is why I want to make this request: PLEASE KEEP THE PvE-SERVER AROUND AND IN DEVELOPMENT! It is amazing for everyone that does not want go into killing right away.

keep PVE servers

I agree. There should always be an option for PvE.

But I’m starting to love PvP, so I’ll probably stay there.

PvP just wins out, in my opinion. PvE is really only best for getting a feel of the game. That is just my opinion though, I am sure people have better arguments against it.