Please let me protect my buildings!

I didn’t mind the lag spikes.
I didn’t mind the disconnects.
I did not even mind waiting 15 minutes for my hatchet.

Really i just don’t care for all of those things.

What i do care about is working on my building for more then 4 hours only to see some *** use the build from a distance exploit to get on the roof.
After that he is in within seconds.


In its current state the game just sucks.
Getting into somebody’s base has never been so easy, why even bother building it?

You want us to explore more? sure but when i bring back resources and my entire building got griefed and robbed whats the point?

Build your house deep in the water make it strong with a good foundation and good stone walls
they will not be able to get in because they will get cold quickly and die unless they will use the building bug

My advice is put Code locks on your wooden boxes so if they raid they cant take your stuff.

i have been raided 1 time on the water because they used the building bug

i lost about 30K metal fragments above 250k Other supplies like sulfur ore metal ore also a lot of guns.

after i got raided with the building bug i placed code locks on my important boxes and now i am happy they don’t crack in anymore but also i have no goal anymore because i have tons of supplies again and don’t know what to do with it lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

They just need to fix the Building Bug

They took my pixels too!

Updates are coming today, calm your tits.

If the updates are whats on dev branch now get ready for lots and lots of bitching. Its so broken when you spawn that getting anywhere from fresh spawn is almost impossible and harbesting takes twice as long as they slowed the swing speeds way down

wtf? Code locks on boxes? How are you able to do that?

Something different breaks with every update… Im done with it… Not renewing my server Until it is actually working… Now we are only using part of the map so you dont lag??? WTF is that ??? I pay for a whole map not just part of one


I tried this several times. While this works for most the fly/speed hacks get in an annihilate. Or there are some clever ways or exploits I am unaware of. Kudos to fair play if they have found some legit way

I smell a Ban coming DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS

i’ve seen many warnings on “Predicting Moderation”, I wouldn’t recommend making post like those. Just a friendly FYI.

Just try to use a Code Lock on the wooden box and it will place

im at work i have to use caps all the time im surry if it damaged your eyes

Hey guys,

Sorry if the post came off to aggressive.(it was late and i just got *** up by this guy)

Of course the post was just my hope of getting some attention to the current raiding problem.
I fully understand its an alpha and i’m really happy that my money went to a game with so much potential.
But fixing just this one thing would fix the game so much for me personally.

First i want to thank sneeuwpoeper for the advice.
But i’m seeing so many people still building near other players cupboard.

If they would either fix the building from a distance bug or let us create higher level floors the game would be much more enjoyable.

BTW i was just trying to forge the code locks for the boxes when the guy came up true the roof :frowning:

Ah well game is to addictive to really quit :smiley:

this seems like a pretty cool solution to me (from another thread), if not a touch expensive in wood;)

LOL damn it they beat me to it, i thought of the same idea last night, good to know i was right…and clever.
Though i still think i might be able to break in, all i need is single gap…unless the boxes stay in the air then…no dice

Unless they address this tomorrow before their optimization release…this is going to be a problem for yet another week… building is absolutly pointless right now… it’s a major flaw in how easy/quickly a house can be destroyed. 100% agree with OP.

boxes float in midair:)

Can someone explain this storage boxes on roof method?
Haven’t tried it yet but is it impossible to destroy these boxes or what?

thought they were making the boxes destroyable now? have not tested today tho


It seems pretty much everyone is using this exploit now.
I cant even build more than 8 walls before 2 jerks come up and start building right beside me.