Please let me protect my buildings!

Something different breaks with every update… Im done with it… Not renewing my server Until it is actually working… Now we are only using part of the map so you dont lag??? WTF is that ??? I pay for a whole map not just part of one


I tried this several times. While this works for most the fly/speed hacks get in an annihilate. Or there are some clever ways or exploits I am unaware of. Kudos to fair play if they have found some legit way

I smell a Ban coming DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS

i’ve seen many warnings on “Predicting Moderation”, I wouldn’t recommend making post like those. Just a friendly FYI.

Just try to use a Code Lock on the wooden box and it will place

im at work i have to use caps all the time im surry if it damaged your eyes

Hey guys,

Sorry if the post came off to aggressive.(it was late and i just got *** up by this guy)

Of course the post was just my hope of getting some attention to the current raiding problem.
I fully understand its an alpha and i’m really happy that my money went to a game with so much potential.
But fixing just this one thing would fix the game so much for me personally.

First i want to thank sneeuwpoeper for the advice.
But i’m seeing so many people still building near other players cupboard.

If they would either fix the building from a distance bug or let us create higher level floors the game would be much more enjoyable.

BTW i was just trying to forge the code locks for the boxes when the guy came up true the roof :frowning:

Ah well game is to addictive to really quit :smiley:

this seems like a pretty cool solution to me (from another thread), if not a touch expensive in wood;)

LOL damn it they beat me to it, i thought of the same idea last night, good to know i was right…and clever.
Though i still think i might be able to break in, all i need is single gap…unless the boxes stay in the air then…no dice

Unless they address this tomorrow before their optimization release…this is going to be a problem for yet another week… building is absolutly pointless right now… it’s a major flaw in how easy/quickly a house can be destroyed. 100% agree with OP.

boxes float in midair:)

Can someone explain this storage boxes on roof method?
Haven’t tried it yet but is it impossible to destroy these boxes or what?

thought they were making the boxes destroyable now? have not tested today tho


It seems pretty much everyone is using this exploit now.
I cant even build more than 8 walls before 2 jerks come up and start building right beside me.

Another solution is to build in the caves. Even with speed hacks, stone is effectively impregnable there. Just be sure you’re first in with that cupboard. :slight_smile:

I’m currently using the cupboard for walls , wooden box for roof method.
This seems be working very well.

But if the next update is going to let people destroy storage boxes we have literally no way of protecting our bases.

Every server i go on and take a 5 minute walk i see so many buildings with stairs attached to their outside windows.

Just happened again on rustafied ;(
Tried to build a exploit proof base but failed.
Even warned the guys that they are ruining the game by using this exploit.
But i guess that made them even more enthusiast.

BTW guys has this build from a distance exploit even been reported yet?
I can not seem to find it between the suggestions and bug report?

i think i read someone say 2000hp for boxes, so i wouldn’t worry too much about the roof. the whole point though is that nowhere should be “safe”, just “safer”. everything should be breakable, everything should be able to be stolen from you. the way you deal with this is all part of the game.

make a commune with others to protect your pooled stuff. make a tiny base in the ocean somewhere, or a massive fort on top of a mountain. the wall glitches and hacks will be sorted out as the development progresses, just like metal frag stacking was, unbreakable furnaces were, and stability will be.

and yeah, there is a bug report here, and a few threads demonstrating the issue, so i’m sure it’s in the works.

The game is still in alpha of course and it probably won’t always be this easy, but if there is no way to make your valuables (relatively) “safe” then the game will be a whole lot of starting over from scratch and frustration.

In legacy (assuming we’re not including the cheaters) you at least had the chance of building stronger structures that took effort and resources to get through. Now if your cupboard becomes compromised, it is immensely trivial to destroy an entire base in seconds. I’m sure the griefers will enjoy destroying just a few foundations and walls and a watching whole buildings collapse.

I’m not complaining – just stating that being able to protect your work is very important in this game and if you can’t, there’s not much point in playing…

…that is, unless you enjoy running around with a rock and being shot by people who yell “WE WANT TO EAT YOU” repeatedly in voice chat :wink:

Agree, everything should be destroy able.
But in its current state with only stone walls and wood floors its way to easy to get in.
Add on top of this the cupboard exploit and its just way to easy to get in.

before the new building system it took somebody over 40 minutes to break into a single level 6 wall.
If i place 2 walls before my base its relatively safe.

Also i always liked to created mushroom shaped buildings.
This is now impossible since a piece of floor will stick out.
They can use the exploit to build a “scaffold” underneath that floor.
After that it only takes seconds to get in.

Also i love to build windows so i can watch outside but once again this is made impossible with the cupboard exploit.
They build a stairs to my windows and even if you have bars they are in within 1 minute.
This of course is rendering windows totally useless.