Please let this happen.

As some of you might know, (actually, not alot of you know, but anyways) there is a lua file limit for Gmod 13, this limit is 2048. Basically, this means if you have to many addons (or lua files in general) either A: Gmod will crash, B: Some parts of the game stop working, or C: Something else. What I BEG of you, is for this limit to either be raised, or removed entirely. If raised, it should be raised to a VERY high number. Why? Because alot of people love having tons of addons to play around with in singleplayer, servers like to have alot of custom contents, and for that custom content to not show up as errors, they need to install it. So why limit it to the point of where you have to uninstall some of your addons, just to play a game of singleplayer? It’s stupid, really.

TL;DR: Addon file limit is 2048, raise it so people don’t crash.

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2048 Megabytes. This is completely unacceptable because around 5 big addons can take up all the space. Some people have hundreds of addons. Also, this limit wasn’t in Gmod 12, why implement it now? LOTS of people have this problem. 2048 MBs isn’t enough for the amount of addons people install.

Uhhhh… it’s apparently 2048 files… not 2048 megabytes…

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That’s even worse then. 2048 files doesn’t mean 2048 addons. Hell, wiremod takes up 500 files itself.

It was increased to 8196 files. You don’t crash if you hit the limit of Lua files, the new files just won’t load ( unless you auto-refresh, then they get loaded / sent to cache and they will then load all the time )…