Please List everything that is broken with the new update 10/17

I updated to find my server basically unplayable thanks to this new update. The following are what I found to be broken.

1: ULX (completely broken)
2: DarkRP Fadmin Cvar setting (ties in with 3)
3: Missing Cvars such as sbox_playergod
4: Sourcebans and Sourcemod (banning from the web-panel does not work properly)

Those are the major things I have noticed. These need to get fixed quickly!

Openaura Final

Some people have already fixed their servers though. Or have been given a fix.

And nothing of value was lost.

But on a serious note, nothing wrong on my end. Had to fix a few model paths from the previous error, but everything is smooth as butter now.

Well from my side of the picture, everyone can spawn npcs and vehicles (admin or not), everyone is permanently godded, sourcemod/sourcebans, wont work as intended too and overall im pissed.

Anyone can spawn npcs and vehicles without being admin if it’s sandbox you’re running

I’ll test the other stuff tomorrow though

ULX is not broken, update it.

sbox_playergod = sbox_godmode

I misread the site thinking that they haven’t already updated it. Apparently they have, but its just a quick fix and they won’t make an official release until they’re sure its exploit hardened.