Please make Decay delay 48hrs for those of us with actual lives

I log out at 5pm to go to work, log back in 11am the next day and half of stone base is gone.

Please don’t be so punitive with decay. If anything, make delay longer and then timer shorter… so once u stop logging in, your base quickly goes.

If you’re gone for 18 hours the delay would have only just finished and the actual decay process would have just started which for stone is 48 hours, so half your stone base shouldn’t have disappeared. Are you finding that’s not the case?

Are all your foundations, pillars, walls, doors, the lot, all stone or just the walls etc?

  1. decay is bugged to nonsense by wiping entire houses in 12-18 hours.
  2. even if they fix the decay (houses are mostly gone anyway) 18h is too short. it will feels like a job to log 2 times per day just to open all the doors around your quarry and pump compounds. and the horror if you skip one day, youll have at least an hour of repairing all your stones walls all around.

If you ever thought you could play rust mainly in the weekend, and the occasional evening during weekdays, its not the case anymore. sorry for these people, decay will eat their base.

it’s 18 hours before decay STARTS. You have a further 2 days to get on and click the hammer a few times.

Decay system still is messed up- yesterday morning I’ve upgraded foundations to armored to lower the chance of decay, repaired other stone foundations to perfect conditions (500/500), but guess what- today armored has 100+/1000 and 4 corner foundations are gone. And last time I was in game was about 1 PM.
As well small 1x1 or 2x2 bases for entrance in the yard are completely gone.
And that is in less than in 24 hours.
For now that is complete nonsense, so, please, make it work properly.
Previously proposed decay delay is good solution.
Thank You.

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That is not so.

The whole decay system is ridiculous. i know that server are stressed way too much with so many building but i mean there must be other solutions. Like decay for buildings without toolcup, buldings that havent been used for 1 week are destroyed. But seriously this game is like this huge grind where u cant even go out to a beach on vacation for 3 days without finding your work of 10 days vanished

This game is already hardcore enough that u have to play at least 2 hours a day minimum to add more grinding to it…

For example i can only play 2 3 hours daily i spend like 30 mins just repairing walls, that just isnt fun thats plainly retarded

I built my base on early Monday morning US time, so not sure if the patch to 24hrs was after I built and therefore my base conformed to the earlier rules…

But I was missing several foundations, which in turn de-stablised the upper floors so several armor doors disappeared… which now cannot be replaced even though the foundations are replaced and all at max health, the ceilings remain at less than 50%.

I feel that a long delay (even a week) to protect weekend players, followed by a non-linear decomposition would be ideal- i.e nothing for a week, then slight decay for 12hrs, then rapid decay within 6 hrs, would be good. Once you have left your base for a week, it disappears quickly.

Hear! Hear!

I gonna take a break from rust till decay works as mentioned on the devblog.

Time to play some Mad Max.

Or try a modded server that has decay off. Been running with NoDecay for months now, my users love it. With the new change to colliders incoming, decay might actually become useless.

Doesn’t your server fill up with abandoned buildings and stuff?

I don’t know what colliders are so I can’t even pretend to comment on it.

Well, there are lots of abandoned base but there aren’t that many players (10-20 at peak) so it’s really not that bad. Some people take them over too.

I might add something later on to easily destroy abandoned bases. People would farm bases for resources.

I personally avoid modded… I want to help the Devs craft a beautiful vanilla flavoured game.

There are servers that feel like Vanilla but actually more balanced =) I run plugins on my server with the intention of staying true to the core of the game, all while improving here and there what can be improved. While this might seem counter productive, the popularity of some mods tell alot about what the devs can improve to make the game more fun.

Back to decay, this is a perfect example of this. I totally agree the concept of decay, in fact, I planned on writing a plugin to replicate the decay system we had in Legacy (I feel it was pretty damn good!). That said, the current method while it’s very similar has way too fast decay AND the “reset” period is too short. Not everybody can play every day, so having to login every 12h to fix or activate stuff is just too much. IMHO, wood should have a 1 day delay, stone/sheet 3 days and armored like 7 days. THEN you activate the decay (not too fast, but not too slow either). From what I understand the reset only happens on parts that are in the cupboard’s range, so it means you have to open a bunch of doors. Back in Legacy, any door would reset the whole building.

Yesterdy 10 AM I repaired, again, all foundtions, and GUESS WHAT? 24 hours and 10 minutes after that SOME of foundations has 500/500, 1000/1000, but some of them, including armored, are gone!
This is on official server as well.
This is clear that this system is completely bugged, so, plese, remove that until it is developed better!
Following @RustUpdates and reding how is fixed small bugs- that is great, but please, this decay system is negligence with major defect, so, please, remove it with new update!
Thnk You.

Removing it would force wipes to be much more often making everyone angry…

There are plenty of vanilla servers with decay turned off. Just search for “nodecay”.

I am testing an ugly work around on a server. Seems to be working so far but who knows if it’s the way I built or if decay is wonky…

Can I get an IP?