Please make game easier to test

Its getting so hard to play this game and as a result hard to test.

Personally I am getting to the point where I am about to walk away and play another game. The frustration of getting killed all the time and unable to build up the resources to get my own camp started properly is starting to get to me. But I’m not here to bitch so…

Issues as I see them:

  • Getting Spawn Killed
  • Kill on Sight policy
  • Hard to get oriented within world
  • No Map

Note that I am talking about immediate issues that are preventing me from getting to the point where I have my own house and thus able to re-spawn in a safe and repeatable location and then able to go out exploring properly and test properly. My point is that if I am having this issue and I feel I am a patient player who enjoys testing I can only imagine the amount of rage quits who will then tell everyone they know that this is a shit game, when its not. This is a game with great potential.

Solutions as I see them (possibly quick implements):

  • Reduce damage done by hatchet, making a PvP kill take 10-15 hits
    Why? because it would reduce the ease at which people are just killing others who are not yet used to the game

  • Change Day/Night cycle, making it 1 hr for day and 20 mins for night (or at least 30 mins for day and 10 mins for night)
    How will this help? It will allow new players to get used to the game, see around them and avoid people if they wanted to. It will also give them a chance to explore and get oriented in the area. It would also give a better feel to the game, having the sun rise and set so fast is very jarring and takes away from the immersion of the game.

More solutions as I see them (probably longer term goals):

  • Replace starting hatchet with more specialised items, one for hunting animals and one for gathering wood.
    What’s the point? Same as the reducing the damage of the hatchet, reduces PvP against newbies. Also its more immersive, when you don’t have one for all items. You could spawn with a saw (for wood), for example, hammer (for stone) and from there you could craft a hunting blade (lots of damage to animals but very little to Players or Zombies) and from there you could craft other stuff later.

  • Craftable map
    The game could for example use something like the Minecraft system where it populates the map based on where you are and where you have been. Or I mean you could have to make multiple maps and combine them to create the whole map and yet without crafting a compass so you could tell where you were on that map

  • Increase the areas in which people spwan.
    Would mean that you could not be coming across so many people all the time there would not be so much spawn camping or grief killing. Plus players would then be more spread out, less competition for resources.

  • More inland resources (suggested by UnholyKyono)
    To be honest a must, means players who want to (or who are smart enough) can just run away from the chaos and stupidity and move in land and ignore all the spawn killing.

  • Able to see player names at a greater distance (Suggested by seklay)
    I think this would give more accountability and mean players will get to know one another better so less likely to kill on sight as … “oh wait, I’ve seen him before and he was not aggressive”

I’m currently frustrated and just rage quit the game :stuck_out_tongue: so not thinking very well atm but if I think of more stuff I’ll post it up

This would make armed people extremely overpowered against the newbies, and they wouldn’t stand a chance whenever someone felt to go and waste some bullets in the crowded areas. Think conquistadors vs indians.

The rest of the suggestions are decent but they sound like things that aren’t really necessary in alpha.

They need to add more resources in land. Once you go past a certain distance you can’t find any animals or any rocks / wood piles. Which means you’ll just starve to death.

Only way to survive is to stay near the coast, but then you’re just going to be killed by KoS window lickers.

Well actually if I could tell if someone was holding out a hatchet or a gun, I wouldn’t kill as many people as I do.

Judging by your gameplay, you just kill everyone.

Actually they are more so in Alpha. The game should be easier and more friendly at the start so people can get into it quicker and more interested. Alpha should be easier to get started so that its easier to test. When the barrier to enter is too high you only get a small amount of people testing and everyone else rage quitting.

Its already like that, but most people who have been killing me have done so with hatchets. Think DayZ mods that give you a gun when you spawn Vs ones that dont and then think about the start game PvP and how players interact with each other at the start

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There is no evidence of that at all from you, in fact the opposite is probably true when it comes to you

The people who won’t rage quit, and keep helping the community and the game development are the people who are wanted for an alpha.

In your opinion but games are normally meant for a wide audience. Dont get me wrong, I dont think games should be dumbed down at all. I do think, however, that during testing things should be tweaked if its making testing hard.
Personally I love hard and tough games, I am a big fan of permadeath in games (well depending on what game and so on), but you want to strike a balance between making a game hard and making the barrier for entry too tough.

I have to agree, the hatchet needs a nerf and day should be slightly longer. Also, perhaps you should add being able to see player names from a greater distance to the list?

ive never understood killing on sight, bunch of sociopaths

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Tip, when making a poll don’t include a joke option since everyone will vote that one anyway, rendering the poll pointless.

Its an old habit from years and years ago, Wish I could remove it now lol. Tempted to repeat the thread :smiley:

yea, please close this thread. I have no idea why I added the Atari Jaguar option, was a stupid thing to do. Also darth-veger is right, takes away from the point of the thread. Soz

So plz mods, close this thread

You should have added an option for “some of them.” I agree with your mapping points, but I don’t like the name display range. I personally think that floating names in games ruin the realism and survival aspect. Instead, I think VOIP would be useful. Still, some do not have access to a microphone or cannot use VOIP for various reasons, so I’m not sure what you could do. Raise a peace flag?