Please make haste with some traps.

With new sleeper ubdate whole gaming became really frustrating, iam not trying to say that “sleepers” is bad addition,
i like the realism in this move, but the fact that army of rad suit guys run into your hard builded house and blow your stuff and kill you,
then fill your house with stuff so you cant stay, is really rage inducing. I dont mind stepping on mine in woods, just put some
defensive stuff, beartraps would be enough, opening floor… idk, something.

Thanks for reading.

PS: i know that there were posts on traps and stuff…

Yep. progressing is almost impossible. Built up a house (finally after 4 days of consistent dying) and only to have it raided within 5 min of me getting supplies. need a sort of defense system.

Im looking forward to traps aswell, if i remember corretcly ive heard something about defence to your house being mentioned by garry.

Why would people run around in rad suits lol?

Dunno, but on Eu central there are two “gangs”, one in full rad suit, and second full leather, so green and red team, cca 4-5 ppl

Most groups run with Kevlar though.

I really like the idea of Turrets but they would need some work done on them to help moderate and improve them.:words:

My biggest tip for anyone making a base is to survey the area before you make it. Especially now that everything is covered in rocks. I wasted a whole lot of metal and wood making a base next to a group of 6 fucktards. There’s no living next to a group that big. 2-3 I could handle… but when you have 6 guys with M4s bothering you every hour it gets old.

I completly agree, but this was like day after wipe, and full kevlar group, which was cca 2-3 ppl, suprisingly stayed calm, and didnt kill on sight.

Trap a bear

I don’t see how traps can help that much.

Think about it, Ok a group of 6 raiders come to get you at 3am, in real life time while your in bed, and they all live near by or place down sleeping bags near by. You’re “bear trap” kills 1 person, or maybe a few. It really means nothing, they just respawn close by and keep at it.

I don’t see any way for a person or 2 working together to keep out any raid of a few people, especially when you’re not on. Even a well built giant base. It only takes 2 charges to blow a door and they are not that hard to make for a group of 6.

Maybe there will be better traps then that, like the turrets, but I don’t see it. I think if organized raiders want to get into your base they will, end of story and I don’t see anything changing that…

I hope I’m wrong.

How about letting them get the game working for all the people that are still having issues before worrying about something so frivolous…

Everything you’re building now is going to be wiped eventually anyway.

Completely off topic. OP was expressing what he wants… The subjects of this thread and, player issues do not meet. Please allow people to discuss what the thread was intended for.

It is on topic, given the progress of development, his request for urgency on the matter is completely frivolous. Which is the point of my comment.

Your reply however, is completely off topic.

When you realize the Devs won’t take a “request for urgency on the matter” off individuals (i.e the thread title) you can interpret the title to be ‘I want traps soon…’. The thread then continued to discuss about traps. People should not silence their thoughts and idea’s because there are more important issues first. They’re free to discuss as they please…

There’s the rub, obviously there are plenty of people who don’t realize that. Hence the title of this thread.

You can interpret it however you want. I’ll take it at face value tyvm.

Did I tell anyone to shut up? Nope.

I asked a question relating to OPs’ title in the form of an opposing view. I’m not silencing anyone.

Since you brought it up though… No, people AREN’T free to discuss as they please. This forum has rules. One that OP admittedly ignored in starting this thread knowing full well there were already others out there on this very topic. Yet he didn’t use the search function and cluttered the forum with yet another repetitive thread…

The best idea is to find a community of people to let you build. I play on the east coast server and see in the chat that there is a group of about 15 people that are building a community. They seem to basically be a bunch of solo players that have an armistice, willing to help each other and any new people that would like help.

Other than that, there isn’t a LOT you can do except build your place in a fashion that just makes it more of a hassle to get to your stuff than is worth the effort (such as requiring 50 charges to get to your stash room).

Also remember to think about the building/crate glitch to try and make it glitch proof. Best way to test designs out is to use your own wood and try to beat your own design (since you SHOULD know where its weak).

Raiding is part of the game. Progression is measured by the items you get to make. It’s frustrating, but its the game. I only get mad when I lose my house out of sheer stupidity or hacks, not because I got raided. If you have a huge house with metal doors you’re pretty much inviting people to blow them up. The best thing you can do if you’re a solo player is to have a shack somewhere hidden and not make it seem like you have much.

See I see alot of complaints about this… but most of the time honestly, you picked a crappy location and yes it is your fault. I’ve been in my current house since whipe with not a single disturbance and traveled around the map to not even have any signs of discovery or raiding… location is key… survey your area before making a base… hell maybe bunk with someone else while you farm the necessary matts to make your base… there’s alot of ways to go about it.:yarr:

Tips/Strategies for not getting raided:

-Make something like a 3x3x3, it’s big, but takes a fair amount of C4 to get into your inner rooms. As you get more resources you can always build an extra layer around the outside.
-Lots of doors, always block off rooms.
-Spread out your loot, don’t have just a few loot rooms, put a box or two in EVERY room so they cant just say “oh that room has all the shit, C4 this wall”
-Go BIG and strategic, or go SMALL and make it look like you’re not worth raiding.
-Put barricades on the insides of your walls so people can’t spot your boxes through the wall (Though they can still use third person, which hopefully will be fixed)
-Hide STASHES, put them behind large boxes, in your sleeping bags, in your campfires, under stairs, use boxes and barricades to make them hard to see and get to, put your most valuable items here, whether it’s M4’s, metal, explosives, or stacks of metal ore.